New Year, New Message Series

Over 100 million adults in America are setting goals and making New Year's resolutions for 2018. Realistically, only 8% of these people will reach their goals, and half will give up by the end of January! This three week message series focuses on how we can develop a Biblical framework for goal setting, how we can keep our goals, and the benefits we reap when God honoring goals are fulfilled as we keep in-step with the Holy Spirit.


Watch, listen, share!

Below you will find video and audio for each week's message. You can watch, listen, and we hope you'll share only if you know someone who could benefit from these teachings.

Watch Week One

With 92% of people who set goals failing to fulfill them, why should we even try? This message lays out a Biblical framework for how we should think about goals, and what our motivations should be in setting them. Message audio is below.

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GOALS Week Two

What is the relationship between the way we set goals and our ability to keep our goals? How can we set goals that are specific enough that we know if we're succeeding or falling behind? What is the key to having God's power to keep our goals? Message audio is below.


God not only has goals He wants us to fulfill, He enables us to fulfill them! When we set goals that flow from God's goals,  are willing to start where we're at, and measure progress, we can fulfill our goals in God's power. Video for this message will be available later in the week.