Guest Speaker Gary Fairchild

Guest Speaker Gary Fairchild

We were pleased to welcome former C&MA missionary to the Indonesia Gary Fairchild as our keynote speaker for Global Impact Week!

Gary and his wife Connie pursued their missionary career in Indonesia, beginning in 1975. In 1988 they returned to the US, where Gary served with Christian agencies in Wheaton, IL and  in Alliance pastorates in Connecticut and Maryland. Gary has also served with World Relief and CAMA services.

Watch the video below to see how missions is done well!


On Sunday evening Gary mentioned nine different non-profits assisting refugees around the world. The link to these organizations can be found at

Gary recommended the book "Welcoming the Stranger" - A Christian response to the immigration issue. You can purchase this book on Amazon by clicking HERE

This website on persecution is a good resource to learn about the global persecution of Christians.

This info-graph shows the vetting process used during the previous administration to screen refugees prior to placing them with relief agencies in the United States.

The video below is from Pastor Bill Hybels with the author of "Welcoming the Stranger" - This video is recommended by Gary to help understand the importance of a proper Christian response to the refugee crisis.