CURRENT SERIES: Genesis 1-12 | Origin Story

Genesis is a powerful and mysterious book of the Bible. It has and continues to divide Christians and non-Christians alike as people debate its meaning and question its accuracy and authority. In this series we will cover the key issues of Genesis chapters one through twelve, and answer some of the most common questions raised by Christians and skeptics alike. Topics will include; science and the Bible, the purpose of creation and humanities relationship to it, what sin is and why God allows evil, Noah and the flood, the Tower of Babel and the great human migration, the calling of Abraham and God's promise of salvation in Jesus Christ.


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Watch Week One: Genesis is a book of origins. Specifically, Genesis is the origin story of God's people Israel. As we begin our series on Genesis chapters one through twelve we start by talking about why Origin Stories matter, and how Genesis can become a powerful origin story in our life today! Sermon Audio Below.

Watch Week Two: Can Science and the Bible be friends? In week two of our message series on Genesis 1-12 Pastor Chad Woolf makes the claim that the Bible and Science are friends, not foes. Understanding this truth is a life and death for both the church and culture. Sermon Audio Below.

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Watch Week Three: The beginning of the Bible is an ancient creation account that has remarkable modern scientific support. It reveals a creator that is separate from creation, a creation that is designed, orderly, predictable, and filled with God's purpose.


Week Four Video Coming Soon! What do we do with all of the purpose we experience in our life and in the world around us? Is purpose merely an illusion, or is the result of our having been created by a God of purpose? This message examines the purpose of God in creation, and why living a life of purpose is impossible apart from the reality of God's existence. 

God not only has goals He wants us to fulfill, He enables us to fulfill them! When we set goals that flow from God's goals,  are willing to start where we're at, and measure progress, we can fulfill our goals in God's power. Video for this message will be available later in the week.