Our church is not about getting people to DO more, ATTEND more, or GIVE more. We are about helping people BECOME more. Our discipleship core values let us know if we are being effective at helping people begin and grow as followers of Jesus.


It begins and ends with the gospel, it’s all about Jesus and what He has done, all of life is God’s gift to us. Everyone is welcome here, we are all sinners in need of a savior.


We weren’t created to do life alone! When we commit to God's local church family we discover support in time of need, gifts we have to serve, and resources to extend the mission beyond the church walls!


God’s glory is greater than our story, and life only makes sense when viewed through the pages of the Bible in prayer. A personal relationship with God empowers us to overcome life’s challenges and point others to Him.

gods mission.png


Everything we have is a resource for living on mission with Jesus. All of us are called to continue His work today. We take responsibility for the community around our church building and ask our people to do the same where they live, work, and play.